Monday, July 13, 2009

baby ben

this little man was so sweet.
his mama is forever one of my very bestest friends.
about 15 years ago she and i could be found on any given day
 playing house, complete with our own cars, husbands, 
and most importantly 

fast forward to last week....and the day 
she, ben and jax came to play..
it didn't feel much different at all.


not at all.

i hope you love them!


Mom said...

What a bright eyed beautiful boy! Looks like he wasn't going to miss a minute of the action! Darling photos.

Anonymous said...

I do love them! Thanks so much. You did, however, forget to mention that not only did we have husbands when we played house (pillows), we full on made out with them! ha ha That is a pretty funny memory! Thanks again. You're the best.

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