Saturday, November 14, 2009

hoffiens family

pretty kids,
pretty parents,
pretty family.

i liked this family.
hope you all like them too.


Jamie said...

Brooke...I love them! Thank you so much! It is so nice that we finally have some lasting pictures of our family! And yes, we know your funny! You did such a great job! Now is the hard part of figuring out which ones to print and frame!

Rachel said...

Hey there... Those pictures are awesome. Don't you love how I referred Jamie to you and still haven't gotten ours done by you?! I want to! Let me know when you are available and we are all yours! :)


Pam said...

Darling family, great location, love how you captured the kids personalities. You grew up quite nicely, Jake! Good work, Brookie.

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Mann Travel said...

Lovely family. Nice pictures in different location.
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